About Organisation

The organization i.e. Manosri Tarun Bani Mandir(MTBM) was established in the year 1932 with a group of freedom fighters with a view to preparing the villagers to participate in the non-violence movement led by Mohondas Karamchand  Gandhi. Actually it emerged as a non-sponsored voluntary library organization. Accordingly the founder members established few literacy centers for imparting education so that the villagers may prepare themselves to participate efficiently in the movement as well as to eliminate few detestable customs prevailed in the then society. Folk entertainment groups were formed comprising the villagers who used to take part entertaining people and make them understand the necessity of independence as well. Apart from spreading education disaster management was the part and parcel of their activities as the area is a permanently flood prone region, thus members used to rescue victims of flood and distributed relief collecting the same from people of urban areas. They organized farmers for skin up-gradation and quality management of conventional farming. An updated program of rational farming was taught to the farmers with the help of creating Radio Rural Forum initiated by the Govt. of West Bengal by providing a radio set. Since 1955 to 1975 the activities of the organization remained dormant. The organization was registered on 9th February 1977.

In the year 1981 its former articles of memorandum was amended suitably to render wide variety of services. Thus from the year of amendment it was identified as a voluntary organization for rendering welfare and rural development activities basically emphasizing to combat and reduce poverty, illiteracy and to eliminate the detestable customs so far prevailing in the society. Hence to achieve success in those terrain gender equity and women empowerment is contemplated to be the prime sector to intervene. Obviously a good number of projects already implemented like SEP,DWCRA etc in which women were trained to manufacture garments (including woolen garments ). Need based vocational training has been providing to women in each year on variety of sectors such as handicrafts, zari crafts, food and vegetable preservation, mushroom cultivation and so on. To lessen the drudgery of women MTBM installed nearly 50 tube-wells in 45 villages in 3 development blocks of Howrah district. Women are involved in environmental activities like disposal of household solid waste in a safe manner, conservation of natural resources and participate in plantation to broaden the green cover. The noteworthy feature of the activity is to eliminate wage discrimination an ill practice to exploit women despite their equal labor. A movement was conducted by us issuing this discrepancies and a partial success is achieved.

From above it is evident that MTBM pays top priority to the issues relating to women folk one of the most vulnerable community being neglected since time immemorial. little wonder therefore that we set a right target to wipe out possible hindrances stand on the way of women empowerment.



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