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Our Projects

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Income generation of poor persons :

Manosri Tarun Bani Mandir hold a variety of income generating projects so far. Among them the item of noteworthy was a garment manufacturing program for helping 30 poor women to become self employed after imparting training and credit tie up with banks for running their business. This project was sponsored by CAPART in its scheme DWCRA. A similar initiative was undertaken for 25 poor women to run a production unit of knitting of warm garment, an extensive training of wool knitting was imparted for one year. Financial assistance for implementing this project was received from the Central Social Welfare Board.

MTBM trained a good number of poor women in food and vegetable preservation which was supported by Mennonite Central Committee ,a Calcutta based donor of foreign origin, who also provided assistance for mushroom cultivation training to 50 needy women. Latest by 2004 CAPART provided a grant for training to poor women belong to BPL category on zari craft one of the popular sector in rural areas. These trained women are now obtained employment in some zari produc1ion centers. Finally a good number of women are organized by us in 15 Self Help Groups who are now engaged in different trades and going on successfully with their business. At present an income generation program is running by setting up of a production unit of Jute Diversified products . This unit is sponsored by the Khadi and Village Industries Board (KVIB) for which loan is available from Allahabad Bank ,Garh-Bhawanipur branch,Howrah. 30 women are engaged in this unit and earning their subsistence.

Rural Infrastructure Development Projects.

HABITAT DEVELOPMENT: It is a program of providing low cost houses to homeless. The purpose of the project is to develop human habitat But natural habit of other organisms has cleared . An effort should be made to restore those habitat for existing species.

SUPPLY OF DRINKING WATER :In each year we installed tube-wells in those areas where scarcity of drinking water is severe. In many areas the depth of water layer is beyond affordable limit of local inhabitants. So we install tube-wells in those areas,so far we install 52 tube-wells in different blocks of Howrah and Hooghly districts.

During the last two decades our organization has executed tremendous job in the field of water and sanitation. With the help of few donors like Irish Embassy, CAPART, TATA Trust, Ministry of Rural Development (Govt.of India) , SIMAVI (Netherlands) and Panchayats, we installed more than 100 water supply sources like tube-wells ,wells etc and set up more than 100 latrines in rural areas. The following information will show in details :


S.L. Type of Project Name of Sponsored Number    Year Amount Spent
1 Installation of Tube wells Embassy of Ireland Irish Government     23 1995-96 4,78,376.00
2 Installation of Tube wells TATA  Trust      1 1997-97 25,000.00
3 Water & Sanitation SIMAVI (Netherlands)     20 2003-04 8,92,848.00
4 Drinking water awareness Camp CAPART (Ministry of Rural Dev.(Govt.of India)     10 1992-93 30,000.00
5 Installation of Tube wells CAPART      5 2003-04 3,26,254.00
6 Construction latrines (under P.C.) CAPART    100 2004,05 -06 3,35,000.00
7 Installation of Tube wells(under P.C.) CAPART      8 2004,05 -06 3,36,000.00
8 Ecosan Workshop ( for IYS2008) Self      3 07-08: 08-09 26,000.00


Women Empowerment

Women are the key player of a family ,thus empowering women strengthen society. Keeping the -concept in view we establish Self Help Group. This SHGs are now running several small business and these are become their main subsistence to support their family. Besides several vocational trainings are being conducted by us . Of late Concern India Foundation (ClF) agrees to provide assistance for imparting training to women members of the SHGs on different rural trades even few non traditional and potential trades are included. To prevent wage discrimination we organize agitation of women agricultural labors demanding equal wage. A long rally brought out and traveled a long area and street comers were arranged.


Education is the key element dominate to our activity. A creche for babies of working and ailing mothers are kept here and the younger ones are received elementary education. Besides Pre-Primary education programmes are running for the children of poor families. Besides to prevent drop outs special motivation camps are arranged time to time to determine the reasons of drop outs and are redressed as far possible. The most significant part of our activities are to set up of child labor schools. In these schools child labors of age between 6 years and 14 years are admitted and carrying on their studies along with vocational training.

Migrant Children Education Program:

There are many brick kilns in our district Howrah where many migrant labours are working. All of them are tribal people mainly from Bihar, Jharkhand and Odisha. While coming they bring their children with then who mainly loitering around the brick field where their parents are working. For generations this system is going on. In this way this little children become adult then join as labours. It is simply a worst cycle because these poorest of the poor classes people cannot get opportunity to educate their children. These highly exploiting class people cannot get rid of the curse of penury. Observing the plight of these children we have started a school for them. One problem is that these labours left their working place when monsoon come in, staying here for eight months they return to their homes. Passing four months they further come here. So this school run for eight months from November to June each year. But we plan to admit them to the formal schools to their area and follow the same course as these school maintain. The purpose is to prevent them becoming victim of exploited class.

HIV/AIDS control Program

Many AIDS patients are victim of blood transfusion who are not at all responsible for sexual contamination or sexual abuse. The entire society and his/her neighbor hate them ,boycott them ,do not allow them to lead a normal life ,even their children are prevented to go to school, their earning members are prevented from continuing their job/service. even the Mayor of Kolkata does not allow AID$ patient to come to the Office, similar is the case with other departments. Recently 40 thalasemia children get infected wilh AIDS for the reason of infected blood transfusion. A seven year old child Maniur Rehman, a thalasemia patient is now infected with HIV ,he needs a surgery immediately, but the Doctors refused to undertake the case. It is easily understood AIDS control program should not confined to encouraging men to use condom indiscriminately irrespective of sex partners, this is undoubtedly anti social activity.

The major components should be considered in this regard.

  • Mass awareness rising to prevent this disease.
  • Counseling to potential carrier with clinical investigation.
  • Rehabilitation of AIDS victims

Disaster Preparedness & Management

The area where the organization is situated is a flood prone zone. Almost each year flood appear and causes damage on lives ,crops, properties, and all other belongings. During flood people of a large area become marooned and cannot get supply of essential commodities including drinking water which leads to catastrophe by nature of temporary famine, epidemic for consumption of non-edible things and non-potable water at a time of severe hungry and thirsty. This is mainly lack of  water transportation. Manifold advantages will be possible if boats and of like nature water carriages are available and possessed by the organization . See the photogallary how our men work for saving the victims.

Innovative Jute Retting

Jute is a major cash crop in West Bengal of India and Bangladesh. But the quality of jute fibre of W.Bengal is inferior that of Bangladesh. This is due to retting of jute takes place in stagnant water leaving fibre blackish and low quality in respect strength and lasture. To remove this problem a team of scientist of National Institute of Jute and Allied fibre Technology invented this latest retting process combat both quality problem and water scarcity. A series of field level demonstration conducted by them in some parts of West Bengal and our organization was also participated in this demonstration. Now this retting is promoting commercial retting. This organization has held an experimental project( involving 100 farmers only)  of innovative jute retting with the financial assistance from NABARD (National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development). But lot more farmers are to be involved.

Handicrafts manufacturing centre

The organization has undertake skill upgradation training for the promotion of handcrafts item.Training was imparted on several trades like Zari craft , Jute Diversified Products , Innovative Jute Retting etc and the trainees are now successfully involved in those sectors and earn satisfactorily.




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